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For any website, content is the KING. It is an art and a content writer is responsible to give a proper design and structure to the content. Through the Content Writing Certification Course (Advance Level), you will be able to get an idea about writing content. You will understand how to design and structure a good content which attracts the target audience. With this course, you will be able to think of content writing in a more conceptual way and present your idea to the audience accurately.

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    • Best Practices – Remain fully assured that you are learning the best industry practices on content writing from finest content writing consultants.
    • Most Popular 80-20 Methods – Learn content writing with the 80-20 method – 80% Practical and 20% Theory. Get all the required practical insights about content writing.
    • 3 Way Income Opportunities – Get professional certification and income opportunities, both, from us – Full Time Job + Freelancing Home Based Job + Start Your Business.
    • Learn and Earn – Be Smart – Our content writing course is designed to make sure you can see your first income within training period. With us, achieve what you want!
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  • Course Content?

    Module 1: Basics of Content Writing

    This module will give you an idea about the purpose and benefits of content writing and the common writing problems you may face.

    Module 2: Significance of Writing Effective Web Content

    Why is it important to write effective web content? Get to know it from this module.

    Module 3: Techniques to write Effective Web Content

    Learn about the target audience, goals of website, headlines, titles and the common mistakes associated with them.

    Module 4: Types of Content Writing

    This module will teach you types of writing – technical, web content, research oriented, scientific, Ad copy writing, press release, etc.

    Module 5: Start Writing!

    You will get ready to write in this module. You will be taught how to focus on the purpose and design of writing.

    Module 6: Judge the Target Audience

    To be a successful content writer, you need to know how to judge your target audience. This module will help you know the techniques.

    Module 7: Covering the Knowledge Domain

    What and how much should you include in your writing? Get to know how to include keywords and key phrases.

    Module 8: Be Creative and Clear with your Writing

    How can you be creative as well as maintain clarity without going overboard? Learn from this module.

    Module 9: Construct Sentences that Communicate

    Know how to write effective and engaging sentences which will help you reach your audience. Get to know about the grammar problems that you can face.

    Module 10: The Technicalities of Writing

    Learn how to structure and present information by selecting the right words, sentence structures, tables, etc.

    Module 11: Choose the Correct Writing Style

    Get to know how you can choose the right style of writing depending upon your content and target audience.

    Module 12: Editing for Quality

    Editing might be required throughout the whole document. Know when and what to edit in this module.

    Module 13: Principles of Good Web Writing

    Writing for the web is different from writing for the print media. Know the differences and the principles of good web writing in this module.

    Module 14: Understanding Document Structure

    Know how to develop consistent documents using apt headings and structuring documents as per the reader’s scenario.

    Module 15: Methods of Explanation

    Know about the different methods of explanation through different writing styles in this module.

    Module 16: Design Content for Human Mind

    To deliver good content, understand how human mind interprets information. This module will help you design audience driven content.

    Module 17: Creating Documents

    Get to know how you can write the best introduction and conclusion for your content. Learn how to design play scripts and tutorials.

    Module 18: Prototype the Document

    How to test the document for success? Know it from this module.

    Module 19: Give the Right Look to your Document

    Give a new life to your content with proper fonts, alignments, etc. Know how to control the word document.

    Module 20: Say it with Graphics!

    This module will help you know how images, graphics, graphs, etc. will help you deliver engaging content.

    Our Philosophy?

    The MindStairs philosophy is “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it”. We will benchmark what you are currently achieving, and give you some realistic advice on what you can expect post training. Following the course, we’ll stay in touch with you for at least six months through a series of emails and Webinars. We’ll also provide loads of free assessment tools, ROI calculators and templates to enable you to get started as soon as you get back to the office.

    Students Testimonials?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my content writing course at Mindstairs Academy. With help from them, I was able to earn while I was learning. The trainers here are thorough professionals who will give personal attention to every student and help them understand each and every nuances of the vertical.

    Arpita SProfessional.
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Knowledge Base

Why do you need Content Writing Training?

Web content writing has changed over the time and has become more of a marketing skill. You will require specific skills to be a good content writer. Here, you should understand that web-content writing is completely different from the writings of the print media. With an Advanced Training in Content Writing, you will be able to get equipped with skills and tools to attract your target audience and hold them on to the website as long as possible.  It will equip you with the know-how to attract visitors to your website and keep them on the website for as long as possible and also make them come back. A proper training in content writing will help you create a more engaging website.

Who can opt for Content Writing Training?

Do you have an inclination to write on various things or share ideas with others but not sure whether or not it is worth the writing? Then the content writing training is for you! Apart from this, people who own websites or want to promote their own products and brands through websites and social media platforms, can also opt for the content writing training. Thus, a mere graduate, a technical expert, a website owner, a business owner, a bank employee – anyone and everyone, who has a flair for writing, can pursue this course.

The course is designed in such a way that you will not only be able to learn the nuances of content writing but you will also be able to meet like minded people who will interact with you and help you improve your writing skills and techniques.

What can you learn through the Content Writing Training?

Through a proper training in content writing, you will be able to know the basics of content writing, the principles that are followed in case of web-content writing, designing content, writing engaging content to attract more and more visitors to the website, etc.

You will also get an idea about different types of web content writing like technical writing, copy writing, ad copy-writing, creative writing, article writing, press release, blog post writing, etc. Apart from this, you will even get an idea about designing tutorials and play scripts. Thus, it will be an engaging course and you will be able to learn different things.

There are experienced teachers and content writing consultants who will guide you with the different aspects of content writing. This will be of great help to you in your journey as a writer.

How can you increase your earning potential with training from us?

There are 3 ways in which you can earn after you successfully complete the Content Writing Certification Course (Advance Level):

  • Full time or part time jobs: We can assist you in getting full time or part time jobs after you successfully finish the certification course.
  • Home based job: You can get home based jobs like blogging, freelance content writing, etc. as soon as you finish your course with us.
  • Start your own business: You can even start your own business after your training is complete. We can even assist you in that.

We have content writing consultants who will guide you through the whole process.

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