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Pay Per Click (PPC), also popularly known as cost per click, is an internet advertising tool which is used by the website owners to direct traffic to the website. In this option, it is the advertisers who pay the publisher, i.e. the website owner, when the ad gets clicked. These advertisers will mainly bid on keyword phrases which are relevant to their specific market. Most content websites will charge a fixed amount per click rather than taking help of a bidding system. PPC display advertisements or banner ads are shown on web sites with specific content that has been agreed upon.

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    • Best Practices – Get information about the best industry practices on pay per click management from the best PPC professionals.
    • Most Popular 80-20 Methods – Get trained in PPC with the effective 80-20 method – 80% Practical and 20% – Theory. Get practical knowledge about PPC.
    • 3 Way Income Opportunities – Get professional certification as well as income opportunities, both from us – Full Time Job + Freelancing Home Based Job + Start Your Business.
    • Learn and Earn – Be Smart – Our PPC Management course will help you see your first income coming in within your training period. Thus, you can earn while you learn!
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  • Course Content?

    MODULE 1: Basics of Pay Per Click

    Get to know what pay per click is all about and why you should use this option for your website, brands or services.

    MODULE 2: Importance and Trust factor in Pay Per Click

    Get to know about the few major players in the field of PPC. This module will also give you an idea about the importance of PPC.

    MODULE 3: Difference between PPC and SEO campaign

    This will help you know the difference between a PPC and a SEO campaigns. Get to know which option is costlier or more effective.

    MODULE 4: How to plan and structure PPC Campaign

    Update yourself with various search engine and ad networks that will help you setting the right goals and expectations regarding your PPC campaigns.

    MODULE 5: Basics of Keywords and Match Types

    Keywords are the most important in PPC Management. Get to know about positive and negative keywords, headlines, urls, keyword research tools, AdWords Editor, Ad Planner, etc.

    MODULE 6: Landing Pages and Ad Copy Writing

    This module will teach you how to write compelling ad copy, usage of call extensions, feature based ads, benefits based ads, trademarks, landing pages, etc.

    MODULE 7: Ad Writing Tips and Campaign Settings

    This module will update you with effective tips on PPC ad writing. You will also get an idea about your PPC campaign settings – location, language, devices, daily budget, etc.

    MODULE 8: Measure Goals, Bidding and Reporting

    In this module, you will know how to set and measure goals, objectives, know about conversion rates, calculate revenue earned, and estimate the value of a click.

    MODULE 9: Display Network and Multimedia Ads

    Get to know how you can expand your reach with the help of different types of ads and display network campaigns. Also get an idea about different forms of multimedia ads.

    MODULE 10: Organizing Account

    To manage a PPC campaign and get best results, it is important to organize your account. Know how you can do so in this module.

    MODULE 11: Quality Score

    Know about 3 major factors that will determine the quality score. You will also know the options to improve your quality score and reduce the cost of Ad Words campaign.

    MODULE 12: Testing Ad Copy and Landing Page Strategy

    In this module, you will know how to test your ad copy and run the tests in low volume account. Know how to define and analyze the test results.

    MODULE 13: Networks and Tools

    Get to know about various PPC tools, options to create number of ads with less effort, manage campaigns, determine budget, etc.

    MODULE 14: Managing Google Ad Words Campaign

    In this module, you will learn to plan a campaign, implement campaign and ad groups, optimize, refine and measure performance.

    MODULE 15: Display Advertising on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn

    You will learn the value of display on Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn. Get to know about plan campaigns, optimization, refining and measuring performance.

    MODULE 16: How to Lower PPC Costs

    Know the way outs to reduce your PPC costs drastically by creating Ad Groups.

    MODULE 17: Managing PPC Workflow

    Get to know how you can prioritize the workflow of the PPC campaigns and effectively manage a PPC campaign.

    MODULE 18: Importance of Negative Keyword Tool

    Know the importance of the negative keywords and why they are difficult to manage. Also, know how the negative keyword tool can help you.

    MODULE 19: PPC Automation and Clickthrough Rates

    Know about the PPC software solutions for PPC automation. Also get to know the techniques to improve your clickthrough rates.

    MODULE 20: How to increase the ROI

    In this module, you will know how to optimize PPC ad positively in order to generate better ROI.

    MODULE 21: Pay Per Click Search Engines

    Get to know the different PPC search engines like Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google, MSN, etc.

    MODULE 22: New AdWords Features

    Google AdWords is dynamic. It keeps on introducing new features. In this module, you will learn the latest features of AdWords.

    MODULE 23: Product extensions and Ad Sitelinks

    Know how to allow product from Google Shopping feed to get displayed within the ads. Learn about additional links that can be included in the body of a single ad.

    MODULE 24: Google Video and Google Display

    Learn about Google Video (YouTube and Google Display Network) and Google Display (content advertising) from this module.

    MODULE 25: Paid Search Services

    Apart from Google AdWords, there are various other paid search services like Microsoft Ad Center, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Know about them from this module.

    MODULE 26: Monitor PPC Performance

    Understand how to track, measure and analyze the performance of the marketing campaign of PPC.

    MODULE 27: Split Testing

    Get a detailed overview of ad copy testing, landing page testing, Google Website Optimizer, AdWords experiments tool, etc.

    MODULE 28: Google Analytics

    This module will give you an overview of Google Analytics, its goals and funnels, reporting, tools and services.

    MODULE 29: Overview of Optimization

    You can get a detailed overview of optimization. Learn about optimizing campaigns and Ad Groups, websites and landing pages. Also know about Google Website Optimizer.

    MODULE 30: Handle Multiple Accounts

    Get an overview of handling Multiple Accounts and managing them with My Client Center. Know the usage of API of Google Adwords.

    MODULE 31: PPC Policies and Ad Quality Topics

    Get to know the standard PPC policies, issues regarding invalid clicks, ad and site quality.

    MODULE 32: Different Billing and Payment Options

    This module will let you know about the postpaid, prepaid as well as monthly invoicing options.

    MODULE 33: Rules, Alerts and Multi-User Access

    Get to know about the automatic alerts and customized rules in this field. You will also be able to learn about user access levels and My Client Centre.

    MODULE 34: Fine Tune and Revise Your Campaign

    Know how to check the reports and analytics to fine tune your campaign, reduce waste , improve quality score and avoid click fraud.

    Our Philosophy?

    The MindStairs philosophy is “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it”. We will benchmark what you are currently achieving, and give you some realistic advice on what you can expect post training. Following the course, we’ll stay in touch with you for at least six months through a series of emails and webinars. We’ll also provide loads of free assessment tools, ROI calculators and templates to enable you to get started as soon as you get back to the office.

    Students Testimonials?

    The PPC Management course at MindStairs Academy is up to the industry standards. The faculty of the institute has industry knowledge and well versed with all the tools and techniques used in the PPC world. Most importantly, they give personal attention to every student. Thus, the students here are able to know each and every section of the vertical.

    Saurav DugraEntrepreneur.
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Knowledge Base

Why is it important to get trained in PPC Management?

Pay Per Click is a technique of internet marketing wherein the advertisers will pay a fee every time any of their ads gets clicked. Thus, it is an option to buy visits to your website. But it is easier said than done. Thus, it is important to know the various techniques and tools associated with PPC Management. With a proper training, you will be able to know about relevant keywords, quality score, landing page quality, negative keywords, split ad groups, etc. You will also be able to know how to review costly PPC keywords and refine the landing pages for better results. You will also get proper knowledge about PPC Campaign Management.

Will the course help me in generating income?

If you get a proper training in PPC Management, then you will definitely able to generate income for yourself. Most importantly, you will be able to get home based jobs in this field and earn money. At MindStairs, we can help you in earning money while you are pursuing the course. After the completion of the course, you will also be able to generate income in 3 major ways – Full time or part time job, home based job and get help to start your own business venture.

Why is the PPC Management Training at MindStairs the best?

At Mindstiars, we believe in offering you the best! Our faculty members and trainers will help you learn the positive characteristics of White Hat working techniques. This will help you become a better PPC Management Consultant compared to your competitors. With us, you will be able to get Advanced Knowledge of the subject as well as the Earning Scope.

At MindStairs, you will be able to get a live environment, where you will not only get the theoretical knowledge about the subject but you will also be able to get practical knowledge about it. Thus, you will get hands-on training about the subject. It’s not just slide-show training!

If required, you will even get extra classes so that you can get more practical knowledge about the subject. Moreover, you will get updated about the latest trends in the industry. Even after you finish the course, you can be in touch with the faculty members to get updated about the new developments in the market. Thus, with us, you will be well trained to get a better job or start your own business!

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