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In the recent times, Social Media has taken over the marketing world. Most businesses have used it to grow their popularity. However some organizations may have faltered in the process. With a proper Social Media Training, you will be able to reach a larger audience. Most importantly, it is quite inexpensive when compared to other forms of traditional marketing techniques. With proper training in Social Media Marketing, you will be able to target the right audience for your product or service. This will, in turn, generate better sales for your product or service thereby making your business a success.

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    • Best Practices -Remain fully assured that you are learning the best industry practices on social media marketing from finest social media consultants.
    • Most Popular 80-20 Methods – Learn social media marketing with the 80-20 method – 80% Practical and 20% Theory. Get all the required practical insights about social media marketing.
    • 3 Way Income Opportunities – Get professional certification and income opportunities, both, from us – Full Time Job + Freelancing Home Based Job + Start Your Business.
    • Learn and Earn – Be Smart Our social media marketing training course is designed to make sure you can see your first income within the training period. With us, achieve what you want!
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  • Course Content?

    Module 1: Basics of Social Media Marketing

    Get to know what Social Media Marketing is all about. Get to know the opportunities and application of social media to gain better benefits for your business.

    Module 2: Integrated Social Media Program

    Get to know how you can create an integrated Social Media Program for your product or service. Know about the various social media platforms.

    Module 3: Measurable Social Media Programs

    This module will help you know how to create Social Media Programs which can be measurable to know whether or not the program is well suited for a particular business, product, brand or service.

    Module 4: Social Media Policy

    Know how to formulate a Social Media Policy for a particular business, product, brand or service.

    Module 5: Social Media Buy-in

    Get to know about the Social Media buy-in factors and how to utilize them for the betterment of the business.

    Module 6: Find Your Social Media Voice

    This module will let you know how to build your brand voice which will be the key to build a relationship with the target audience.

    Module 7: Writing for Social Media

    This module will guide you to write effectively for social media campaigns. You will be able to identify your target audience, determine the objective, the right channel for message and the time and effort required for it.

    Module 8: Effective Listening and Measurement Tips

    Know how you can listen to the social voice of your audience. Unless you listen, you will not be able to reach out to them.  Also know how to measure your social media performance.

    Module 9: Grow into a Social Business

    Get to know how you can develop proper Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. pages for your business and reach out to the target audience.

    Module 10: Gamification and Social Media

    This module will help you know how gamification in social media will help you in engaging the audience to your website.

    Module 11: Crisis planning for Social Media

    Through the help of this module, you will get to know how to solve and manage a social media crisis.

    Our Philosophy?

    The MindStairs philosophy is “If you can’t measure it, don’t do it”. We will benchmark what you are currently achieving, and give you some realistic advice on what you can expect post training. Following the course, we’ll stay in touch with you for at least six months through a series of emails and webinars. We’ll also provide loads of free assessment tools, ROI calculators and templates to enable you to get started as soon as you get back to the office.

    Students Testimonials?

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my social media marketing course at Mindstairs Academy. Not only did I receive the training for it, but I was also able to earn my first income while I was pursuing the course. The trainers here are extremely professionals who will give personal attention to every student and help them understand each and every nuances of the vertical.

    Ashish Kumar BeraProfessional.
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Knowledge Base

Why will you require social media training?

Social media training is required in order to market your business well and interact with your customers. Proper use of social media will help you expand your business by leaps and bounds. Apart from this, the training will make sure that you know what social media is all about and how you can get maximum benefit by using the different platforms of social media. Moreover, with proper training in social media, you will also be able to know about the pitfalls associated with it and with social media policies.

Who can opt for the social media training?

The social media training course is well suited for people who are looking forward to learn more about social media and run their Twitter and Facebook campaigns well to increase their business opportunities. Moreover, this course will be well suited for those who are looking forward to overview social media in order to learn the best practices and about the associated platforms. This course is also designed for someone who wants to learn about best practices as well as other etiquettes involved in social media.  It is not mandatory for you to have a prior knowledge in this field.

Why will you choose Mindstairs Academy for your social media training?

Mindstairs Academy offers one of the best courses in social media training. It is an advanced course which will help you know all the nuances of the vertical. Apart from this, there are industry experts who are a part of the faculty and thus, you can expect to get the latest updates and know about the industry trends. Not only will this, after the completion of social media training, full help and support be provided to you in order get jobs. You will get assistance in getting full time and part time jobs. Apart from this, you will also get assistance in starting your own business or get home based jobs. This is one of the major reasons why a lot of people prefer to go for MIndstairs Academy to get social media marketing training.

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